Resource for Authors: A Novel Idea

For those of you who like writing inspirational fiction, this book is amazing! It has great advice from some of the heavyweights of Christian and inspiration fiction. It has chapters written by Francine Rivers, Jerry B. Jenkins, Randy Alcorn, Robin Jones Gunn, and so many others.

It does not give advice for just inspiration writers (though that is a primary focus). It also gives pointers on drafting, construction, and so much more. Check it out!

Painting- The Trinity

30 TrinityThis is one of my favorite paintings. I call it The Trinity. The Bronze says Son, the Silver says Spirit, and the Gold says Father. It is the best in my Hebrew calligraphy series. It is on a 36×36 canvas painted with acrylic paint.



An incredible article by my friend and fellow blogger Aline Lidwell, who is also an amazing artist.

Originally posted on alinelidwell:

art sign 1

This little chalkboard made me smile. Artists indeed are those who create the stuff we do not need – or are they!!?? Who decides what humanity does and does not need? Is art so superfluous a luxury that only the rich or self-indulgent can justify or allow such decadence?

I crave beauty. It is how I am wired. I notice and value all the little details that transform the ordinary into a work of art. In fact my colleagues celebrated this giving me a ‘Monet award for making ordinary things beautiful’. It troubles me simply walking the streets of East London and observing how the beauty and integrity of an architects design is compromised unnecessarily by crude and ugly new pvc windows. I mourn the loss of elegance and simplicity in the original design. It saddens me once neat and colour filled gardens are now glorified car parks and general…

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100 villains

These are the stuff of our nightmares. They made us laugh, cry, shout in rage, and sent shivers down our spines These are the baddest of the bad and the most evil of the evil. This is who I see as the:

61. Wesley Mouch (Atlas Shrugged Part 1)

62. Zod (Man of Steel)

63. Green Goblin (Spider-Man)

64. Jaws (The Spy Who Loved Me)

65. Bart (Unleashed/Danny the Dog)

66. Steve Frizelli (The Italian Job)

67. Maxwell “Wizard” Wallace (August Rush)

68. The Jackal (The Jackal, 1997)

69. Oren Goodchild (Aeon Flux)

70. Jean Vilain (The Expendables 2)

Resurrection Sunday Painting- Appearance of God

29 The Appearance of GodThis is another of my Hebrew calligraphy series that says “The Appearance of God.” It is on a smaller canvas with acrylic paint.

I thought this was perfect for Resurrection Sunday, commonly known as Easter. Jesus was, is, and always will be God. His resurrection proved that He had conquered death, hell, and the grave. He gave His power through Holy Spirit and His Resurrection is what has made us whole!