Music Review- “Wildest Dreams” (from his perspective) by Taylor Swift (cover by Anthem Lights)

01 anthem lights wildest dreams

Okay, so I admit it, Taylor Swift’s original Wildest Dreams (and the music video) were better. That being said, Anthem Lights does a really REALLY good job of covering this great song.

This song reminds us why Anthem Lights is good at what they do. A couple of times, I have commented on how they take bad songs and make them sound great, but though this one is not as good as the original it is still a great cover. It puts a great new perspective on it as well.

You can check it out by clicking on the picture above. You can check out my review of Taylor Swift’s Wildest Dreams as well by clicking here

Music Review- “Drag Me Down” by One Direction (cover by Anthem Lights)

01 anthem lights drag me down

Once again, a cover band is better than the original in Anthem Lights’ cover of One Direction’s Drag Me Down.

The band’s vocal range is great in this song and their acoustic playing is top notch. I thought the original version was kind of cheesy, even the lyrics, but Anthem Lights does a great job of bringing it home and making it feel like a real song.

You can check it out by clicking on the link in the picture.

UPDATE: Music Review- Newsboys’ single: Guilty (Stand For Christ)

01 newsboys guilty

The Newsboys prove once again why they stand strong in the midst of growing pressure to “crossover” for Christian artists. Instead, they take a stand in the new single Guilty.

It is an inspiring song that encourages Christians to take a stand for Jesus Christ. They declare that they will pay the price and gives a call to action for Christians to say that if following what the Holy Bible says is wrong, then we should say, “We are guilty.” 

It is such a refreshing song to hear with all of the spineless Christians saying we should just do what the world or pop culture wants us to do instead of listening to Holy Spirit. I will proudly stand up and declare what is right. 

UPDATE: The newsboys have another video featuring exclusive scenes from God’s Not Dead 2, coming out Spring 2016 and starring Sadie Robertson of Duck Dynasty. Check out this new video at their official YouTube Vevo channel by clicking on the link above!

Fatshaming is NOT a victimless crime

01 fatshaming is not a victimless crime

Recently, it has become okay in the media to “fatshame,” which is basically a rude and hateful way to judge someone because of their weight. One celebrity in particular took to YouTube to prove her ignorance and declared she would do it anyway because it helps people that she thinks are fat.

This is not productive. It is mean, inconsiderate, and hurtful. One of my friends posted her feelings on her Facebook page and I thought it was very powerful and wanted to share it. Read it and be inspired by what it says. 

Touching on a sensitive subject today…
I have seen quite a few posts on social media lately that are shaming overweight people. Also known as “fatshaming”. It is a very real thing. And it is a very hurtful thing.

A book cannot be judged by a cover. What may seem as someone who is just “fat” could actually be someone who is working on bettering themselves. If you saw me on the street would you assume I am working on myself? No, you probably couldn’t. But working on myself is all that I have been doing for over a year. Others are doing the same thing because being overweight is not where we want to stay. Fatshaming makes people want to give up, because if this is what they are viewed as (even though the picture isn’t them) why should they keep going? They (myself included) will never be seen any different.

I have an amazing support system. If I stopped now I would have people knocking on my door. But some people don’t have that support system. Please help me to support overweight men and women (most pictures posted are women) by stopping the fatshaming and starting to support them right where they are.
Journey on..

It does not matter whether it is “fatshaming” or “skinnyshaming” (another crime that is not victimless), we should not shame anyone because of their body. It does nothing but promote discouragement. Instead, let’s encourage one another so we can see the beautiful heart that is in everyone.

Music Review- newsboys’ single: Guilty

newsboys guilty

The newsboys prove once again why they stand strong in the midst of growing pressure to “crossover” for Christian artists. Instead, they take a stand in the new single Guilty.

It is an inspiring song that encourages Christians to take a stand for Jesus Christ. They declare that they will pay the price and gives a call to action for Christians to say that if following what the Holy Bible says is wrong, then we should say, “We are guilty.” 

It is such a refreshing song to hear with all of the spineless Christians saying we should just do what the world or pop culture wants us to do instead of listening to Holy Spirit. I will proudly stand up and declare what is right. 

Check out the video at their official YouTube Vevo page by clicking on the link above!



I recently saw an internet meme with this message on it, “Boys have swagger, men have class.”

It got me thinking about class and the state of it. It seems today that class is considered a “maybe,” but if someone has swagger like Mick Jagger he or she is talked about like they are king or queen of the world.

However, I miss the days of class. Audrey Hepburn, Nat King Cole, Raymond Burr, Lucille Ball, Gene Kelly,  and so many others who personified what it was like to be classy. While it is true some of them had pretty rough personal lives a times, they dressed to the hilt (in a style I’m not particularly fond of, but still) and with their class they guided us to see their films.

While class seems to be endangered today, it is not all gone.

For instance, in an recent interview, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump made a very rude remark about fellow candidate Carly Fiorina’s face. When asked about it, he back peddled, claiming the reference was to her persona, not her face and at the second debate, hosted by CNN.

When asked for a response Mrs. Fiorina calmly answered that she knew what Mr. Trump meant when he made that comment. It was a very classy comeback and handled with lots of grace.

Please note, that is not an endorsement for Mrs. Fiorina, I am still weighing my options, but I thought that was a moment where she used class to turn the tables on her opponent.

On the other side of the coin, we have Charlie Sheen. After his breakdown on the set of the television series Two and Half Men, he did a multi-part interview where he gave sporadic answers to questions. He claimed to have Tiger Blood and saying he was not bi-polar, but bi-winning. He came off as out of touch and not grounded in reality. That is putting it nicely.

Now it is true that this actor was dressed in some of the coolest clothes I have ever seen. He was styling a matching outfit, complete with hat that gave off a lot of swag. However, the swag was off balance with the class.

Swag is a sign that you can possibly go with the flow, but class tells people that you are mature, grounded, and you can handle any circumstance with grace, ease, and style.

Now that the world hasn’t ended…

Holy Bible

36 “Now concerning that day and hour no one knows — neither the angels in heaven, nor the Son — except the Father only. 37 As the days of Noah were, so the coming of the Son of Man will be. 38 For in those days before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day Noah boarded the ark. 39 They didn’t know until the flood came and swept them all away. So this is the way the coming of the Son of Man will be: 40 Then two men will be in the fieldone will be taken and one left. 41 Two women will be grinding at the mill: one will be taken and one left. 42 Therefore be alertsince you don’t know what day your Lord is coming.bc 43 But know this: If the homeowner had known what time  the thief was coming, he would have stayed alert and not let his house be broken 44 This is why you also must be readybecause the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect.

Matthew 24:36-44 (HCSB)

Do I believe our Lord and Savior is coming back? Of course I do, but all this speculation, with the blood moons, Jesus’ birth, His death, His resurrection, who’s the anti-Christ, am I preterist, partial preterist, or a futurist, and on and on and on does not actually matter. We as Christians need to use better discernment when it comes to events like these. The Bible says that Jesus is coming back in all His glory and we need to be ready, but no one, except God the Father truly knows when that Great and Terrible Day of the Lord will happen or when the End Times will begin. 

The Four Blood Moons Theory Does Not Hold Water

blood moon

Because of the hype around a particular book turned documentary film, many Christians believe that the upcoming blood moon is a sign that the End Times are starting at the least and that the world will end at the most. The blood moon tetrad is suppose to be a warning of the Coming Day of the Lord, or Jesus Christ’s second Coming The theory revolves around the blood moons and Jewish holidays, followed by historical events where supposed blood moon seasons took place. It relies heavily on 3 scriptures:

Joel 2:30-32 (HCSB)

I will display wonders
in the heavens and on the earth:
blood, fire, and columns of smoke.
31 The sun will be turned to darkness
and the moon to blood*
before the great and awe-inspiring Day of the Lord comes.
32 Then everyone who calls
on the name of Yahweh will be saved,
for there will be an escape
for those on Mount Zion and in Jerusalem,
as the Lord promised,
among the survivors the Lord calls.

*emphasis mine.

However, in the grander scheme of Daniel, Revelations, the prophesies of Jesus, and even the lunar cycle, this theory does not add up. We should use discernment in connecting the dots of the End Times prophecies that are mentioned in the Bible, not just a passage or two from the Book of Joel.

Let’s take a look at that scripture. For one thing, what is a blood moon? It is an eclipse when the Earth blocks the light from the sun to the moon, causing the light to bend differently than usual, making it appear orange or, often, red. It definitely gives the impression that the moon is covered in blood, however, there is a slight flaw. The scriptures in Joel make it clear that the sun will be turned to darkness. That is an impossibility during a blood moon because the light from the sun bouncing off the Earth is what makes it appear red. The sun does not even look dark during the eclipse, it looks totally normal. Even if the sun went dark at the same time of the eclipse, the moon would look like a black spot in the sky without supernatural intervention. 

As for the mysterious connection to the dates mentioned, such a blood moon happening during a “tetrad” with Passover and Sukkot and events in history, once again, they do not add up. In the blood moon cycle of 1493-1494, this points to when the Jews were expelled from Spain, however, if you really look at history, they were expelled in 1492. Somehow, the warning came after the event. Same with 1949-1950 cycle when Israel was made a nation, once again it was after the event. If this is suppose to be a warning, why did it happen after? That makes no sense. It is not evil, just wrong. 

When we look at End Times Theology, Christians are suppose to have good discernment, but it seems like we take the bait every time a preacher thinks he solves the Eschatology code. The Rapture was suppose to happen in 1988, 1989, 2000, 2005, 2006, 2010, 2012 (why were Christians using a Mayan calendar anyway?) The faces and dates will always be there.

I am not saying that I have all the answers, but I am saying that no one does. The End Times will always be a mystery and quite frankly, it is better that way. No one will ever figure it out completely, so let us just live with the anticipation that Jesus is coming back for us.

Of course, I could be wrong as well. If I am, then my next post will not appear. 

#BatmanDay was so much fun!

Today was a blast! I went to different places that sold comic books and got the free Batman Day comic, three times. I went to Book Stan’ in Beaumont and Lyon’s Den in Vidor. I also went to Hot Topic where my super cute wife bought me a pretty cool Batman muscle shirt. It was honestly a lot of fun and I hope you followed me on Twitter @lonestarjake88 or saw my Tweets here on Lone Star Inspirations in the sidebar. 

Check my photos from today below!

IMG_20150926_112629 IMG_20150926_123915 IMG_20150926_165624

Twitter Event: Happy #BatmanDay 2015



Today is Batman Day and I plan on celebrating in style! All throughout the day, check out my tweets as I travel around to pick-up some Gotham-themed items.

01 Batman

Leave me comments below on how you’re going to celebrate The Caped Crusader and tweet if you picked up a comic book or collectible along the way. You can find me @lonestarjake88 for today’s tweets.


batman insignias


What’s Next For Agents of SHIELD?

*Warning, this article contains spoilers to Season one and two.

Season One of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD acted as bridge to see the consequences of the films including Marvel’s The Avengers, Iron Man 3, Thor: Dark World, and in the second half of the season, Captain America: Winter Soldier as SHIELD was slowly taken over by HYDRA.

Season Two introduced us to a struggling SHIELD trying to rebuild while also making contact with the Inhumans. After SHIELD rebuilds itself and peace is made with the Inhumans, we find a mysterious stone that becomes liquid, only to become solid again.

Rumors have been flying all around Season 3. Some have said that the Age of Ultron consequences will lead to more strife with Inhumans. I imagine we’ll see Agent Skye develop her powers more, Director Coulson with some sort of robotic arm, Ward becoming the leader of HYDRA, and maybe even a few guest appearances from some of the Avengers.

As a fan of the series, I look forward to seeing whatever Marvel Studios throws at us.

Author Resource: Causes and Cures For Writer’s Block

Cures for Writer's blockMichelle Griep, author of Gallimore (check out my review) and editor of the blog Writer Off The Leash created this chart to help writers and authors with writer’s block. When she posted it, she said anyone could post it anywhere and I loved it so much, I’m sharing it with all of you!

Great Suspense Read: Double Blind

01 Double Blind

Brandilyn Collins is one of the best Christian suspense writers of our time. Double Blind has everything you need to keep you turning page after page. 

The story is a young widow is struggling with depression after her husband dies. She gets into a trial for an Empowerment Chip, meant to use your own brain to help cure you. The surgery is a success, but she soon starts seeing a memory. It’s a memory of a murder that is not her own. It sends her on a path to find the truth and to take down a large medical company. 

Check it out this novel! It kept me up late many a nights when I needed to get sleep for work. It is an excellent work of fiction. So far, I can honestly say I have never read a Brandilyn Collins’ book I did not enjoy. 


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lonestarjake88I got a good response to my live tweeting of the second GOP debate, so I decided to bring it here!

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Graphic Novel Review- Batman Earth One Vol. 2

01 Batman Earth1 v2Batman Earth One Volume 2, brought to us once again by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank, is the sequel to the New York Times bestselling graphic novel Batman Earth One (you can check out my review of that one by clicking on the link.)

This one, once again featuring a vigilante trained by a British ex-Special Forces agent Alfred Pennyworth is riding off the popularity of defeating Mayor Oswald “Penguin” Pennyworth. Though he has more experience, he is still learning how to be a detective, which Detective James “Jim” Gordon is willing to teach him.

Meanwhile, a mysterious murderer is leaving question marks at his crime scenes while a “Killer Croc” is haunting Gotham City’s sewer system. District Attorney Harvey Dent and his twin sister, Mayor Jessica Dent, suspect that five city officials have taken over the Penguin’s criminal network, and Harvey suspects Bruce Wayne is involved. Detective Bullock, still traumatized by the events of the first volume is now an alcoholic.

As Bruce Wayne tries to balance his life as both Batman and Bruce Wayne, he finds this new murderer, calling himself The Riddler is after one thing: the identity of the Batman.

After reading Superman Earth One: Volume 2 (you can check out my review of that one by clicking on the link), I was worried that the staff behind Batman Earth One would make the same mistake of not letting the hero grow and go through the same angst as before. I was pleasantly surprised that Batman has grown since the incidents of the first volume. He is much more mature, though he does have some more growing and training to do. 

Once again, the story, writing, and artwork are phenomenal. The writer and artist took great lengths to bring us an excellent story (something the mainstream has lacked in as of late) and I look forward to reading more in the future and maybe more from DC Earth One. 

Music Review- Little Worrier by Kina Grannis (Sunset Sessions)

01 Little WorrierKina Grannis brings us Little Worrier from her Sunset Sessions.

Her and the band accompanying her play some really great music and some enduring lyrics. They play softly and humbly as they bring us a song to encourage and uplift. I loved watching the video as they played to the backdrop of a beautiful sunset. It was very beautiful.

Click on the picture above to check it out.

Movie Review Flashback- The Song

01 The Song filmBased on the Song of Solomon (a poetic book of the Bible), the film tells the story of Jed King, son of famous musician David King. He meets and falls in love the beautiful Rose and marries her. He writes her an amazing song that propels him into stardom. With stardom comes temptation and a fall. Can love redeem him before it is too late?

Speaking unbiased, the opening that gives the backstory of Jed’s father, that was a little slow and could have been sped up a little bit, but once we got to Jed’s story, it became one of the best Christian films I have ever seen. The acting, even for the many newcomers, including Alan Powell (of Anthem Lights fame) proved to be a tour-de-force on the screen. Likewise, Ali Faulkner shines on the screen as the woman scorned by the one she loves.

Find it, rent it, buy it, own it. It is worth it.

FAVORITE QUOTE: I sing about things I’m passionate about.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Smoking, drug references; Thematic elements; brief violence


  • Alan Powell as Jed King
  • Ali Faulkner as Rose
  • Caitlin Nicol-Thomas as Shelby
  • Danny Vinson as Shep Jordan
  • Aaron Benward as David King
  • Kenda Benward as Bethany King
  • Jude Ramsey as Ray King
  • Gary Jenkins as Stan
  • Landon Marshall as Eddie

Music Review- We Are Giants by Lindsey Stirling ft. Dia Frampton

01 We Are GiantsThe talented Lindsey Stirling is back, partnering with singer Dia Frampton, who is also extremely talented. This song, We Are Giants, is pretty cool.

The song has a pop quality to it. It is upbeat and uplifting with some inspiring lyrics. The music has a techno feel and makes you want to head bob along right with it. The music video is a CGI animation with giant monsters that gives a strong anime vibe. It is pretty cool.

Check it out by clicking on the picture above.

Resources For Authors Part 3

IMG_20140917_082723_574Seriously Write is a blog for Christian writers that provides great insight, pointers, knowledge, and wisdom to all aspects of writing.

Live. Write. Thrive is a great website from author CS Lankin. She provides some great resources as well as an awesome newsletter for authors.


Music Review- Leeland’s Where You Are (Acoustic Version)

01 where you are- lelandThe Christian duet known as Leeland brings us a soft, but powerful Holy Spirit anointed worship song.

The song speaks of wanting to be near Jesus, our Lord and Savior, seeing how incredible his love is because there is nothing truly like. The two men play simply, but very well as they sing praises to God and play beautifully with their acoustic music. It is so refreshing to see musicians who have just have two guitars. What talent!

You can check out their song by clicking on the picture above!

Music Review- Tyler Ward/Chris Collins: One Direction’s Drag Me Down

01 Tyler Ward Drag me downTyler Ward and Chris Collins partner together to bring us a duet and acoustic version of the One Direction song: Drag Me Down.

It is sad when a cover band sounds better than the original, and that is the case for this song. The slow, soft, acoustic guitar sound, matched with Collins and Ward’s voices just cannot be matched here. They perform the song seamlessly and make it sound really good.

Check it out by clicking on the picture above.

Music Review- Tyler Ward’s Yellow Boxes

01 Tyler Ward Yellow BoxTyler Ward is on tour now and this single Yellow Boxes is a great song.

He sings about how fame can get out of control, then pack up and make your way home. The song is soft with easy listening music and great lyrics. Its message is heartwarming since a lot of today’s music is either about sex, getting high, or getting rich quick, this song is a breath of fresh air.

You can check it out by click on the picture above.

Movie Review- Furious 7

01 Furious_7_posterDirector James Wan gives us Furious 7, the latest, but not the last in The Fast And The Furious franchise.

After the events of the previous films Dom, Brian, Letti, and Mia return to the United States of America to try to resume their normal lives. Letti is trying to remember who she was, but all she gets is pain. All parties are trying to figure if their racing days are over, though they still love cars.

Meanwhile, Deckard Shaw, brother of the last film’s antagonist is there to avenge his comatose brother. He murders Han (seen in The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift) and then comes after Dom’s family. Dom and Brian gather the crew together, including Roman and Tej to go after Deckard with the help of Luke Hobbs and a CIA Special Agent Frank Petty, who helps in exchange of them stopping a terrorist find a computer program called God’s Eye.

As Deckard gets closer and closer to home, Dom and the crew must come to terms that this might just be their last ride.

As with previous films in the franchise, this film has physics defying stunts, unrealistic car chases, over-the-top action, and some cheesy dialogue. In other words, it is awesome! The film is the best one in the series and I am looking forward to the next installment.

On a personal note, it is sad that this will be Paul Walker’s final film in this series. His brothers make great stand-ins and the Weta Workshop (yes, the same from The Lord of the Rings trilogy) did great job with his recreating him. He was such a staple in the series and they do a good job of sending him off.

FAVORITE QUOTE: Woman, I am the Calvary.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Violence, language, suggestive themes, martial arts action


  • Vin Diesel as Dominic Toretto
  • Paul Walker as Brian O’Conner
  • Dwayne Johnson as Luke Hobbs
  • Michelle Rodriguez as Letty Ortiz
  • Tyrese Gibson as Roman Pearce
  • Chris Bridges as Tej Parker
  • Jordana Brewster as Mia Toretto
  • Djimon Hounsou as Mose Jakande
  • Kurt Russell as Frank Petty
  • Jason Statham as Deckard Shaw
  • Nathalie Emmanuel as Ramsey
  • Tony Jaa as Kiet
  • Ronda Rousey as Kara, the Head of Security for an Abu Dhabi billionaire.
  • Lucas Black as Sean Boswell
  • Elsa Pataky as Elena Neves
  • Ali Fazal as Safar
  • John Brotherton as Sheppard, Petty’s right-hand man.